The year 2011 comes to an end and we need to get away from the city before all the holidays rush comes. We wanted to go somewhere close and there isn’t a better destination than Piatra Craiului Mountain. We head off to Zarnesti, the starting point of our trek. The closer we got to the mountain the more winter was showing it’s white coat.

For the first day we just want to get to Curmatura hut. Following the classic yellow band route we start from Zarnesti to Fantana lui Botorog  and then head into the woods.  The temperature is below zero and what during the warm season is a source of water now is a small frozen waterfall. We are lucky though and able to fill up our bottles.

Frozen stream

Once we get out the forest and enter Poiana Zanoaga the view changes and for the first time we take a peek at the mountains. On the opposite side, far in the distance Bucegi Mountains covered in snow.  In less than an hour we get to Curmatura hut where a hot tea is waiting for us.

Zanoaga meadow

The plan for the second day is to climb Piatra Mica. The trail stars from the hut following the blue dot mark. After about 30 mins we have to leave behind the main trail that goes further on to Turn Peak and turn right towards a massive rock wall. Impossible to get lost here as it’s visible even before you get to the crossroad.

Only now is where the climb starts. So far was just a walk in the woods. We have enough time and the weather seems to hold on so there is nothing to be worried about. Once we get to the top is a bit crowded so calmly wait our turn.

Is time for a short break and some pictures as the sun is struggling to make its appearance through the clouds.

From now on the trail follows the ridge above the pine tree line. It’s a bit foggy and none of us feel like chatting. The snow is not very deep however I wish I had my gaiters with me right now. We get out of the clouds and there it is. Far on the left a small opening in the forest and a big cross dominating the surroundings – Piatra Mica Peak with its 1816m.

Piatra Mica Peak

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