One of the 14th peaks over 2500m in Romania, Omu takes the 11th place. In the summer of 2010 we decided to head out and conquer it. If you’re planning to get on top in the same day is a must that you leave early in the morning as the traffic on E60 road drives you crazy. Once you got to Busteni resort and you managed to find a parking space is time to rush to cable car.  Now arm yourself with patience because it will take about the same amount of time to get to Babele as it will get from there to reach the top.

Busteni Cable car

Once you got there you can admire Babele and Sphinx , well known natural rock formations situated around 2200m altitude. We already seen it several times so no time to waste here. The road ahead is well marked and an easy smooth trek until you reach Omu Peak at 2505m after about 2 hours.

Start of the trail

Here you can also find the Omu Hut, the only one situated at such high altitude in Romania. Note that there is no water supply around. You can however purchase food and drinks from the hut itself.

Omu Hut

After a well deserved cold beer we continued our trek following the white/blue band route towards Malaiesti Hut where we were planning to stay for the night. We had another 2 hours till the destination and the sun was shining. Once we started descending the fog hit us so hard we could barely see the trail. Very easy to slip and take the 500m fall into the valley.

Into the mist

Further ahead a light opens the way and we can see Hornul Mare. As the snow fills the valley during the winter season this is the only route to the hut. A big crack in the mountain which becomes very dangerous during thunderstorms.

Hornul Mare ( Big Horn)

Once you manage to get down the mountain the sky is clear once again.

Or at least we thought so. Here the weather can change so quickly, one minute you reach for the sun cream and by the time you are ready to go it starts raining. So was that day. When we got to Malaiesti Hut (1720m) everybody was soaking wet and cold. No time for pictures anymore. It continued to rain all night.

The next day was long and wet. Was still raining and we had a 12km trek ahead us. We took the red triangle route to Busteni through La Prepeleac – Pichetul Rosu, a dangerous and tough section. We reached Poiana Costilei (1360m) and then all the way down to Busteni resort back to our cars.

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