It’s close to an year now since the last post. And that’s not because I haven’t climbed anything but mostly because I forgot. When I did remember later on, just didn’t make sens anymore. Until you look back in time and realize it was a mistake.

I did however caught the ice-climbing virus. A quick google search redirected me to the only ice factory in London, that is inside the Ellis Brigham store in Covent Garden.

No and Yes: No is not the real deal, as some would say and No, you can’t compare it with climbing a real waterfall but is pretty damn close experience. There’s a big U shaped wall about 8m tall with WI4 and 5, some overhangs, a shoulder and also a mixed route. Yes is fun and very exciting and it was love at first sight.

The staff is trained and everything is safe. First session must be a training one where you are explained what you need to do and how to use the equipment. You can bring your own gear but for the small fee they charge is advisable not to. Everything is quite used but will do the job. I did however had my own boots ( just a personal hygiene matter) and gloves, as they do carry a specific smell.. let’s call it body odor.

I did 11 sessions, most of them with a young chap named Tom. He seemed to have the same style and technique I was looking for so I stuck with it. Turned out to be a genuinely nice guy and taught me a lot. As the staff are real climbers, each has it’s own style.

Just before the end of last year Tom left for the States. I also stopped going to the ice factory. But once it’s in your blood you can’t run from it. So here it is, a brand new pair of Quarks II and it comes together with a G20 crampon and BD Punisher gloves. All waiting to be used this winter in Scotland.
Petzl Quark II

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