A city without parks is like a man without lungs. Eventually it will suffocate and die. And with so much pollution these days it becomes more crucial that big cities have enough green spaces. They become our sanctuaries, places of relaxation where people can recharge their energy and recollect their thoughts.

And London is one of those cities where you can never be too far from these green spaces no matter what form it takes. Botanical gardens are one of my favourites though. It’s an unique place where I can get lost for hours and completely detach from every day life. It fascinates me how so many plants from all over the world can grow in the same place. As I walk from one region to another I’m not only discovering new plants but also imagine their natural habitat. The air full of perfumes and essences it nourishes my soul and clears my head. It is truly and aromatherapy session.


Chelsea Physic Gardens it’s one of the oldest in Britain founded almost 350 years ago. Initially here were grown plants used in traditional medicine and it wasn’t until the late 80s that it opened to public and became a Botanical garden. Situated in the heart of London on the North bank of the River Thames, it is a few minutes walk from Sloane Square tube station and opposite the Battersea Park. Even though it only stretches over 3.5 acres there are over 5000 species of plants and trees within its high brick walls. The best season to visit would be spring when all the plants bloom. You might want to come back later in the year to see the northernmost outdoor growing grapefruit in the world or the largest olive tree in Britain.


The garden is a registered charity and needs constant work. The £10 entrance fee is totally justified and they do offer the opportunity to buy a yearly pass. After all it is so much more than a public park. The Ivy Cafe offers a full breakfast and lunch menu together with refreshments for those wanting to enjoy their meals surrounded by nature. If you have already visited the garden, why not try Kew Gardens instead?






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