More of a “good for everything” than an outdoor knife, this little fella always comes in handy when you need something sharp. In fact has been so useful that my Mora Clipper is still brand new after carrying it in my pack for a month through Alps. Is one of those things that you never think of buying because is too small, but end up using it the most. As you will notice the HP logo, this was given to me by my father after he received it from one of his suppliers many years ago.


victorinox classic

The Victorinox Classic it’s a true small pocket knife that everyone should have on his key chains. The fact that after more than 10 years of use is still in good nick says a lot about the quality. At £13 price tag this will be the best lifetime investment one can do. I like the classic red but it comes in different colours and patterns. As well as slight model variations with pen, led light and screwdriver. And if you don’t need the scissors, then you can get the Escort model at just £9.


The size – At 58 mm length and 9 mm height it’s small enough to fit anywhere but still have a decent size 40 mm blade. Good enough for cutting paper, rope, carton boxes, cheese and any other food. Not that is meant as a kitchen knife but it does the job. And at 21 grams I can’t see a reason of not having it with me all the time.


The material – the knife is made from ABS/Cellidor so it’s light but durable. The blade is stainless steel. It doesn’t rust and after so many years the spring is still strong and keeps it in place.


The knife itself is pretty good quality. The only thing that failed after a good amount of use was the scissors. The spring broke and I removed it completely. The serated blades weren’t that good though. If I could, I’d choose to have a bottle opener instead though the nail file did a pretty good job for that. Never used it for what was intended. It also features a toothpick which I found to be useless as it’s too thick. The tweezers work and it’s a nice touch. If I were to rated based on the functionality of all the features it would be more towards 3 stars.  And if you do buy it as a multi tool, then you’ll be better off with another model. I mostly use the blade so from that point of view, 4 stars plus, just because is not that easy to sharpen.



  • small and light, but durable
  • good quality blade
  • strong lock spring


  • scissors not that good
  • toothpick not practical
  • no proper lock for the blade other than a spring


Field Test:

After using it years, almost every day, I can certainly say the cons are not a deal breaker. If I have to buy a small pocket one I’d probably go for the Escort model just because I didn’t see the point of the scissors. It has been used from opening mail to cutting duct tape, rope, clothing tags to cutting cheese and bread and even instead of a fork. The nail file did a mediocre job of opening beer bottles but didn’t find a better use for it.



Small but powerful, Victorinox Classic doesn’t need any other presentation. There is a reason for which Victorinox has been making these swiss army knives for more than 130 years. And because I was so pleased with my little buddy, Santa decided to bring me his bigger brother – a Hiker Swiss Army Knife. Which I will be taking out this winter to Chamonix.


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