Alexandru Serban
mountaineering enthusiast

Born in Eastern Europe in the 80’s, Alex has spent his childhood with his grandparents at the foot of Carpathian Mountains. At the age of 7 he moved to the city to start his studies but always kept in his heart the love for nature. He would return to spend his holidays there for many years to come. One day, an invitation to join a group of climbers, changed his life. It was the spark he needed and since then the fire has been kept alive and still burning. It is now almost 15 years since that day and the desire and passion to explore and climb higher mountains has grown bigger and bigger. With every journey the rewards became more satisfying and one day he hopes to break the 8000m barrier.

Today Alex lives in London and discovered a new passion, travelling. He enjoys exploring the Planet Earth and learning about different cultures. He has only visited 16 countries so far but wishes one day to reach South America. However, when it comes to embarking in his next adventure, mountaineering will always be a priority.